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LCA Montenegro Batista

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Introduced by Privada Cigar Club in 2020, the Limited Cigar Association offers one of the most unique opportunities in the cigar industry: Instead of fashioning cigars themselves, Privada partners with some of the most respected brands and personalities in the industry to create limited-production cigars released exclusively through LCA to its retail partners. These special cigars are available only through LCA, and they release a new one every month, ensuring that connoisseurs can always anticipate something fresh and exciting.

Released in April 2022, the Batista cigar was made by Montenegro for LCA. It's named after Cuban president Fulgencio Batista — the country's leader before Fidel Castro's revolutionary takeover. With Batista's profile emblazoned on the band, the Batista cigar asks the question, "What if?" What if Batista had stayed in power and Castro's coup had failed or never occurred? During Batista's presidency, Cuba's capital was the Las Vegas of the Caribbean: controlled by the mob, driven by casinos, and filled with tourists and money. This cigar's band plays off of traditional Cuban cigars but with a neon, casino-style flair, and the blend is a Nicaraguan puro comprising eight-year-aged tobaccos.