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LCA - Year of the Wrabbit

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In recent years, cigar collectors have watched as incredible brands release annual Chinese New Year cigars. Privada has wanted to take a crack at a Chinese New Year cigar but has been concerned that it would look unoriginal. However, Privada found inspiration in the rabbit and has decided to release a cigar for this year's Chinese Zodiac that is totally original, refined yet entertaining, and highly collectible. The 6x46 cigar is one of the first cigars to have been made at the Annex, the experimental factory AJ Fernandez built for Privada. AJ knows that Privada loves rare, one-off cigars that you cannot get again, and he certainly hit it out of the park with this one!
Featuring tobaccos from Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and clocking in at over one-year of age, this Year of the Wabbit is uniquely flavorful, ripe, and ready to smoke. Not to mention, the whimsical elegance of this cigar's packaging makes it a collector's piece for sure. Be sure to eat your carrots, Wabbit!